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About Us

Solar Installation Specialists in the Western Cape

ST Projects and Design is a solar installation company that has rapidly grown to become a trusted name in the solar installation sector in Cape Town.

Our business IS solar. It's not an extension of another business just because alternative energy supply is a hot topic. We have specialised in solar installations for more than 5 years with over 400 successful projects. We are well known for our precision and customer service. Our priority is to install a system that works for you and your budget but with quality components so that you have no come backs.

We have a Green Card certified electrician and engineer on our team and we have some of the best connections for consistent supply of top quality panels and inverters.

We take your power personally. The team at ST Projects understands that one size doesn't fit all. Over many years, we have worked on a variety of rooftops, from household, to industrial, to custom steel structures or out of town commercial sites.

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