Love Your Light?

Then Protect Your Power.

Solar Cleaning & Maintenance

You've embraced an off-grid lifestyle for your home or business. Now it's time to make sure you keep your system clean and maintained so your solar set-up continues to operate efficiently for years to come.

Reasons to Maintain Your System :
  • Ensure Peak Efficiency

    Accumulation of dust, stains or scratches reduces efficiency of production yield

  • Catch Problems Early

    Environmental factors such as winds can cause panels and structures to shift

  • High Safety Standards

    Brittle or damaged wiring can be a fire hazzard

  • Extend Lifespan

    Dust & debris in inverter and battery system can cause overheating and damages

  • Manufacturer Warranty

    Manufacturers require regular maintenance to keep panels and systems under warranty

Our Maintenance Services

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We recommended that you perform solar panel cleaning and maintenance between two and four times per year.

Once signed up with us, our team will check the following:

  • General condition of roof
  • Visual inspection of panels
  • Check the panel mounting structure and roof condition for movement or loose clamps
  • Check for delamination of panels, burned cells, burned wires, cracks and structure damage
  • Clean panels with special anti-static shampoo
  • Remove interferences such as bird and wasp nests
  • Thermo scan & imaging of DCDB and inverter
  • Check wiring conditions from wear & tear and connections on panels and DC boards
  • Check inverters & batteries for cracks or damages
  • Moisture check in and around inverter
  • Remove dust & debris from inverter box
  • Check for unusual noises or smells
  • Update system software if required
  • Adjust system settings if required
  • Answer questions you may have regarding system

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